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Club Assembly Dec 06, 2022
Board meeting night
Maureen Fitzgerald Dec 13, 2022
Ocean Community YMCA
Our Proud History

Every day our Association strives to serve our community with valuable programs promoting healthy living for individuals, families and children. The Westerly-Pawcatuck branch was founded in 1928 on its current site next to Wilcox Park in Westerly, RI.

The branch saw many expansions through the years. With the turn of the new millennium, the Association opened the Arcadia branch to serve the Chariho region of Rhode Island and, in 2003, the  Mystic branch grew out of a venture with the Mystic Community Center. Today the Ocean Community YMCA’s service area spans a geographic region that includes most of southeastern CT and south county Rhode Island.

Deb Tanner Dec 20, 2022
Southern Rhode Island Volunteers
Club Assembly Dec 27, 2022
Meeting at Lucky House
Club Assembly Jan 03, 2023
Board meeting night
Dan Fitzgerald Jan 10, 2023
Chariho Youth Task Force


Our mission is to educate, empower, and engage youth and adults in order to create a sense of community, to promote wellness, and to sustain opportunity for Chariho voices to be heard.

We envision a society driven toward physical and mental well-being created through collaboration, education, and activism to promote positive community climate.

Suzanne Fortier​ & Brooke Wheeler Jan 31, 2023
Hope Health

Hospice Care


HopeHealth provides hospice care in the patient's private home, at assisted living facilities, long-term care facilities, hospitals, other residential settings and at the HopeHealth Hulitar Hospice Center. We serve the entire state of Rhode Island, including Block Island, as well as greater Boston and southeastern Massachusetts.

Learn about hospice services.
Call us to learn more or request services at (844) 671-HOPE.

Club Assembly Feb 07, 2023
Board meeting night
Bill Tobin, Rotary Relations Feb 14, 2023
Shelter Box - via Zoom

ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity established in 2000 in Helston, Cornwall, UK, that provides emergency shelter and other aid items to families around the world who have lost their homes to disaster or conflict.

ShelterBox responds to natural disasters such as earthquakes,[1] tropical cyclones,[2] tsunamis,[3] floods[4] and volcanic eruptions.[5] The charity also provides emergency aid to families who have been displaced by war or conflict, in places such as Syria and the Lake Chad Basin.[6]

Typical ShelterBox aid items include tents as temporary shelter or shelter kits to allow people to build or rebuild durable shelters. ShelterBox also provides other aid items such as mosquito nets, water filters, water carriers, solar lights, cooking sets, blankets and mats. A sturdy green box packed with the necessary aid items is often provided to families in places where ShelterBox responds.

The aid provided by ShelterBox is tailored to the nature of each individual disaster and location and therefore it is not always the same. ShelterBox Response Teams distribute aid on the ground, working closely with local organisations, local and international aid agencies and Rotary Clubs worldwide.

David Bellino Feb 21, 2023
America’s Deadliest Rock Concert: The Guest List
Twenty years and 1 day after the fire, director David Bellino returns to Chariho Rotary, this time in person, to talk about the tragedy & his documentary abut the fire.
Check out some links David has provided:
Amazon Prime/Reelz television version:
Rob Snyder Feb 28, 2023
Troop 121 Hopkinton
  • Trustworthy. A Scout tells the truth. A Scout is honest and keeps promises. People can depend on a Scout.
  • Loyal. A Scout is loyal to those to whom loyalty is due. [no change, but still doesn’t explain what loyalty means]
  • Helpful. A Scout cares about other people. A Scout helps others without expecting payment or reward. A Scout fulfills duties to the family by helping at home.
  • Friendly. A Scout is a friend to all other Scouts. A Scout offers friendship to people of all races, religions, and nations, and a Scout respects them even if their beliefs and customs are different.
  • Courteous. A Scout is polite to people of all ages and positions. A Scout understands that using good manners makes it easier for people to get along.
  • Kind. Scouts treat others as they want others to treat them. A Scout knows there is strength in being gentle. A Scout does not harm or kill any living thing without good reason.
  • Obedient. A Scout follows the rules of the family, school and troop. Scouts obey the laws of their communities and countries. If a Scout thinks these rules and laws are unfair, then change is sought in an orderly way.
  • Cheerful. A Scout looks for the bright side of life. A Scout cheerfully does assigned tasks, and tries to make others happy, too.
  • Thrifty. Scouts work to pay their own way and to help others. Scouts save for the future. A Scout protects and conserves natural resources, and is careful in the use of time, money, and property.
  • Brave. A Scout faces danger even when afraid. A Scout does the right thing even when doing the wrong thing or doing nothing would be easier.
  • Clean. Scouts keep their bodies and minds fit. A Scout chooses friends who also live by high standards. Scouts avoid profanity and pornography. A Scout helps keep the home and community clean.
  • Reverent. A Scout is reverent toward God. A Scout is faithful in fulfilling religious duties. A Scout respects the beliefs of others.
Club Assembly Mar 07, 2023
Board meeting night
Heather Field Mar 14, 2023
Ashaway Free Library

Public Libraries of Rhode Island - Together in One Catalog

Ocean State Libraries is a nonprofit consortium that serves over 50 library systems in Rhode Island, including a public library available to every Rhode Island resident in their community. We provide state-wide catalog access, free database access, research tools, digital downloads, and technical support to member libraries so we all can better serve our patrons and communities.

OSL employs 10 full-time staff and supports the over 600 staff members at the 71 member library sites.  There are over 15 million circulation transactions (checkouts, holds, renewals, checkins) performed each year in our system.

Alison Croke Mar 21, 2023
Wood River Health Services

Our Mission

Wood River Health's mission is to improve the health and well-being of our community by providing high quality, coordinated health and support services, accessible to all.

Our vision is to serve as a model for excellence in health care delivery and a leader in the promotion of community well-being.

Our Vision

Wood River Health Services is a model for excellence in health care delivery and a leader in the promotion of community well-being.

Our Values

Honesty: We act openly and truthfully in everything we do.

Excellence: We are committed to quality and to adding value in every aspect of our work, and we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Accountability: We choose to demonstrate the ownership and responsibility necessary for achieving desired results to See It, Own It, Solve It, and Do It.

Respect: We treat all people with courtesy, politeness, and kindness.

Teamwork: We work together cooperatively, recognizing that the power of our combined efforts exceeds what we can accomplish individually.

Sustainability: We manage risk and embrace our social and fiduciary responsibilities to provide a valued healthcare resource for our community now and into the future.

Michelle M. LePage Mar 28, 2023
Domestic Violence Resource Center

We of the Faith Communities of South County reaffirm that in our traditions of faith, we serve as sources of love, spiritual sanctuary, and healing to all those affected by domestic violence.

We are steadfast in our stance that nothing in our faiths condones, supports or justifies intimate violence.

Furthermore, we united to bear public witness to the tragedy of domestic violence, support safety and healing for victims, and urge transformation and accountability for batterers.

If you have questions or would like more information about your organization becoming a member, please contact Joyce, Director of Comprehensive Services

Telephone: 401.782.3995

Email: jleven@dvrcsc.org

Club Assembly Apr 04, 2023
Board meeting night
Dr. Michael McCarten Apr 11, 2023
Service in US Military
Lee Eastbourne Apr 18, 2023
Jonnycake Center

Mission: The mission of the Jonnycake Center of Westerly is to provide a continuum of services in cooperation with other agencies in our service area to assist people through crisis situations & work with each individual to find a path out of dependency toward self-sufficiency.

Target demographics: The mission of the Jonnycake Center of Westerly is to provide a continuum of services in cooperation with other agencies in our service area to assist people through crisis situations & work with each individual to find a path out of dependency toward self-sufficiency.

Direct beneficiaries per year: 2935 clients including 1,109 children between birth and 17; served a total of 233,097 meals, gave out $111,131 in financial assistance

Geographic areas served: As a full scale Social Service organization , serving clients in need within the towns of Westerly, Charlestown, Hopkinton and Richmond, RI our goal is to provide the required assistance to each and every client we encounter, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion or disability.

Club Assembly May 02, 2023
Board meeting night
Anita Jacobson May 09, 2023
Community First Responder Program

Anita returns to give us an update on drug overdose and what we are seeing in the unregulated supply (including counterfeit pills)

Shantia Anderheggen May 16, 2023
Preservation Strategies
Christopher Josephson May 23, 2023
Hasbro Childrens Hospital Foundation

Our Guiding Principles

At Lifespan’s pediatric hospitals, we follow a philosophy of patient- and family-centered care. We believe that the family’s active involvement is key to a child’s health and healing, and we recognize parents as essential members of the care team.

Our philosophy means that we:

  • Share complete and unbiased information with parents and help with decision-making to the extent they choose, based on their level of comfort.
  • Honor the diversity of patients and families, and their values, beliefs and cultural backgrounds.
  • Recognize and build on family strengths.
  • Follow policies and programs that respond to family needs.

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Lifespan offers centers of excellence in many specialties.